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A gift to app-weary parents from Matthew

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What is it?

If you're a parent reliant on ClassDojo to receive news from your child's school, you'll know the frustrations of its phone app. It bombards you with notifications and doesn't let you search old messages.

Enter unDojo - it reads ClassDojo for you, and sends every update to your normal email, sending pictures and documents as attachments.

Now you can keep up with important announcements without the app, search years of school information and keep important news and memories forever. Banish the thirsty notifications for an organised inbox!

Before and after diagram, showing thirsty ClassDojo notifications on the left, and email inbox on the right with helpful preview text shown

How do I use it?

unDojo is your agent - it logs into ClassDojo on your behalf. You need to provide unDojo with your ClassDojo email & password for it to work. But unDojo doesn't store your password; you will only need to re-enter that password every few months.

You should receive new messages from ClassDojo within an hour.

Is my ClassDojo data safe?

Undojo does not store your password, messages, pictures or documents. It uses your password once to create a session, allows it temporary access to your data at ClassDojo. That's exactly the same as your web browser or phone would do.

Undojo will email whenever you when you need to re-enter your password, usually once every few months.

Who runs unDojo?

unDojo is a free gift from Matthew Bloch, a software engineer and app-weary parent of two. I live in York in the UK.

Why did you write Undojo?

ClassDojo is a centralised database of children's activity and parent-teacher communications. It's a venture-funded US-based startup, and it could change its terms of access at any time. Email, by comparison, is safer, more private and easier to use.

I believe email is a more appropriate way for schools to communicate with parents, and many schools don't actually use ClassDojo for anything more than sending messages.

So that's why unDojo exists: to help you keep in closer touch with your kids' activity at school, and to put your data in your hands.